Why the Name Cultivate Faith Co.?

Why the Name Cultivate Faith Co.?

We have a mission to point everyone who comes across Cultivate Faith Co. to the one man Jesus Christ because we believe that when you see Him, your faith will grow and be cultivated, not by our brand, but by Christ Himself.

Why is it important to have our faith cultivated? Without faith, it is impossible to access the grace of God, which is the power of God to bring about salvation — body, soul, & spirit. It is by grace & through faith that we are saved (Ephesians 2:8). 

More than anything, our goal is to see the Bride of Christ explode with faith and the hope of His coming and be empowered simply by looking at His face and by hearing what He is saying.

When you see Him and have a revelation of Him, we believe fully that your FAITH will be CULTIVATED, thus, the name Cultivate Faith Co.

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